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The Comfort Bariatric Dental Chair from Design Specific UK

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Our Bariatric Dental Chair is designed to convey bariatric dental patients from the reception area through to the dental clinic treatment area and back again without any need to lift or handle the patient. The electric dental chair has Power Drive which makes moving large, heavy obese patients a one hand operation. The Comfort Bariatric dental chair is for the treatment of those heavy patients who have real problems in walking even short distances.

The dental chair transports the patient from an ambulance bay to the treatment room and then to recovery. The patient stays in the chair. With its super wide body giving full patient support and weight bearing capability of up to 800lbs(60st)(363kg) it is perfect for the manoeuvring of heavy weight patients around the treatment areas. The electric ‘PowerDrive’ option eliminates all the effort to move heavy patients with deftness and ease.

The Handling of heavy obese patients is a serious health and safety matter. Adopting the best equipment and practices will ensure comfort and security. The bariatric dental chair has been designed to meet the expressed needs of clinical dental providers.

The dental hair offers full support to all upper body soft tissue as well as being wide enough to give full base comfort. All the surfaces and dental chair upholstery are antimicrobial with 50mm foam cushions and over the arm rests. The seat height is 500mm to allow easy access for short as well as tall patients. The chair can be reclined to 45degrees to give the patient a sense of added security during transportation and forward 10 degrees to assist in seating and standing.

Video Demonstration

View a video demonstration of Design Specifics bariatric dental chair in action.

Bariatric dental chair dimensions and features

  • Multifunctional chair for foot and head treatments
  • Easy to move transport chair
  • Reclines to 45degrees and 10degrees forward
  • Rigid sturdy and cushioned armrests for support
  • Deep cushioned seating with anti-microbial easy clean upholstery
  • Seat widths of 940mm and 700mm
  • Tip forward position for easy seating and standing
  • Low seat height to suit all patients
  • Duplex castors for easy movement one lockable for easy steering
  • Centre mounted drive wheel to give easy operation as an option
  • Centre drive wheel can be lowered and raised
  • Integral battery charger
  • Fingertip control when the drive wheel is operated
  • SWL 1000lbs (450kg)
  • Battery operated with integral charger
  • Complies with the Medical Directive 93/94/EEC

Full details of our Bariatric Dental Chair

Download the data sheet (PDF)

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